Welcome to Sofa Moolah

By Mat

Wow, it should not have taken this long. It’s been almost 7 months since our first landing page went live and in excess of a year since the idea was conceived. Many things have held us back but we’re here now and it’s time to begin.

Our idea for Sofa Moolah is simple: we want to document our journey of making money online while also showcasing interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, display case studies that work and also give out material that our users will find helpful.

Time for introductions. This could get confusing as I’m trying to write for both of us, and you the reader have no idea who’s writing this. To simplify things, we’ve both written a short bio below. We’ve tried to avoid cliches such as writing in third person. Here we go.

Hi, I’m Mat. I’m 19 and have been making money online since 2008. Not until 2010 did I make enough to do this for a living. In these few short years I’ve experienced both the highs and lows of working online. Some positives include consistent 4 figure profit days and being featured on all forms of media. A couple of negatives were losing low 5 figures in a single day and almost being sued by one of the biggest companies in the world (can‘t say who but I‘ve hidden the name in this post – if you find out, you win 100 points). You should really follow me on Twitter.

Hey, I’m Dan. I’m just shy of 21 and I’ve been working online now since early 2008. I got started by lending a helping hand to a few rather big names in affiliate marketing – not only did this help me out by earning me some cash, but it also allowed me to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing from some of the high rollers. Since then I’ve expanded in to web design/development, SEO optimisation and most things technical. I love a challenge and enjoy designing stuff in my spare time, plus I’m always on Twitter to lend help to anyone who wants it!

For our launch, we’re giving away free copies of my eBook titled “How I Launched, Marketed, and Promoted a High-Traffic Blog in Under 15 Days”. This 20 page eBook goes through the steps I used leading up to launching one of my old websites, AddToDesign. AddToDesign had a successful launch which attracted over 150,000 visitors within a few days – since then I’ve sold the website and I’m no longer affiliated with it. To get a copy of the eBook, simply subscribe to our newsletter. Existing subscribers will be sent an email shortly with a download link.

We’re still not 100% sure on how we’ll be working the blog so please bare with us for the beginning. While we’re trying to find consistency, feel free to email or tweet us with any suggestions, comments or constructive criticism to help improve the site. We’re aware of some of the small design bugs so apologies in advance for that. We’re also looking for some sweet blogs to add to our Friends list in the footer – let us know if you know any.

With that said, go ahead and subscribe to our email newsletter and be sure to check back every day for new content. Thanks, and go ahead and interact in the comments!

29 Responses to Welcome to Sofa Moolah

  1. subscribed and expecting to read interesting ideas! =)

    • Mat says:

      Thanks for following Gilbero. Hopefully you’ll be pleased with the content we come up with. If you have any suggestions, hit me up on Twitter.

  2. osasp says:

    good to see u r live..been keeping tabs on you lot for a while now. looking forward to good times ahead. nuff props.

  3. maddy says:

    apple? haha

  4. Nelson says:

    I’m hoping to learn a lot from you guys, and above all wishing you The Best in this endeavor.

  5. Dominic Barnard says:

    Well done with the website. Look forward to reading your future articles!

  6. Sue says:

    Your free ebook download link doesn’t work!

    • Mat says:

      Sorry about that, Sue. The page was set as private, I just fixed it. Apologies to everyone else who couldn’t download the eBook earlier – free to do so now!

  7. Design 311 says:

    Apple huh? As soon as I read it was hidden in the post and saw nothing special I went to find it web developer style.

    As an early subscriber I’ve downloaded the eBook and I hope I can improve my (soon to be launched) blog a bit. Thanks.

    I’m looking forward to read interesting articles on here.

  8. Cool – looking forward to seeing how things progress. :)

  9. Good to see you up and running! Will grab a copy of the ebook as there is always a thousand different ways to do things, and finding new ones that may work better for yourself is always a good idea!

    I also look forward to reading your interviews.

    • Mat says:

      Thanks Nick. If you have any recommendations on who we should interview, just shoot us an email or contact me on Twitter.

  10. Subscribed! I am expecting something remarkable guys.

    Great to know that you’re Live!

  11. Neil Cross says:

    Folks – I’ve jut started reading the eBook and it’s very interesting. Thanks for making it available as a free download. I’m looking forward to seeing the site develop as a tool for entrepreneurs who are a good cause!

  12. Linden says:

    Apple… clever.
    I did wonder why you had all these useless tags scattered around the place ;)

    I just read your article about the MP3 business you started when you were 16. Very interesting. Looking forward to more!

  13. Zac says:

    Just curious as to what kinds of websites can qualify to be placed in the Friends section at the footer, and what one would have to do in order to have his (or her) site placed there? Always looking to spread the word about my blog, so posting it to a cool site like this would be awesome :)

  14. Eddie says:

    i just ready your “6 Ways to Sell a Website, and 4 Ways Not to Sell One”, you provided some valuable insights. i subscribed and hope for the best! im in the U.S and because the economy is the way it is, websites are increasingly being the next way to go in commerce. im currently trying to build value to my website zongspy.com and hope to sell soon. any feedback would be great!! good luck everyone on your ventures!!!

    • Mat says:

      Hi Eddie, thanks for subscribing. Your website looks very interesting. Let me know how you go either through Twitter or send us an email. :D

  15. Ben says:

    Guys all looks good, but I cannot find anything that you are selling? I guess this is intentional. I think you should really sell something like a member site/forum with more/better info. even if for a lowly fee / year.
    This is only my 2 cents worth
    (I would like more !)

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